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Your Acura car is built to last, but if you want it to live a long life free from mechanical problems, you really need to make routine maintenance a priority. The service center at Hall Acura Virginia Beach can help you with that. We offer all types of maintenance services that keep your car in top shape, including an Acura oil change.  

Skipping oil changes is not advised. Let's look at what makes oil so important and what could happen if you neglect your car's maintenance.  

What Does Motor Oil Do? 

The oil in your car is meant to lubricate your engine. Your engine has a lot of small, delicate parts, and these parts need to be protected from heat and friction. Your oil does that, and with the help of the engine air and engine oil filters, keeps impurities and potentially damaging particles away from your engine.  

What Happens When You Skip Oil Changes? 

The problem is that, over time, your oil becomes less effective. Old oil becomes more of a sludge and can't lubricate those small parts of your engine as well. This can result in a few problems.  

If your oil is past its prime, you'll probably notice that your car is producing excess exhaust. You might also notice a drop in fuel efficiency. These issues show that your engine has to work harder and can't operate at peak performance levels thanks to the old oil.  

Keep driving around with old oil, and you're risking engine damage. This means a hefty repair bill, but engine damage can also dramatically shorten the life of your vehicle. Oil changes are quick and inexpensive, so skipping them and risking engine damage just isn't worth it.  

Schedule an Acura Oil Change Today!

If it's time for your routine oil change or any other kind of maintenance, do not delay. Visit our Acura dealership near Norfolk, VA, and talk to our trained mechanics today! 

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