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With summer comes high temperatures and humidity, two elements that can affect the way your vehicle performs. This is why summer vehicle maintenance is so important, specifically when it comes to the battery. When it comes to reliable Acura service, there's only one place to turn: Hall Acura Virginia Beach. 

How Does Summer Affect a Car Battery?

First and foremost, it’s important to make sure your battery is in good condition no matter the time of year, but especially in warmer weather. This is because heat can wreak havoc on it. If, for example, it’s 90 degrees outside, it might be around 140 degrees under your vehicle’s hood. Intense temperatures can lead to an evaporation of battery fluid, which will hurt both internal components and may lead to corrosion. Heat also has the potential to weaken the battery's charge.

Tips for Keeping Your Battery in Good Shape 

  • Park in Shady Spots 

Try to avoid parking in areas where your hood will be in direct sunlight. If you can, park in a garage or under a shady tree.  

  • Drive More 

This one may sound counter intuitive, but short trips where you start and stop the engine a lot put a strain on your battery, particularly in hot weather. 

  • Clean the Terminals 

When battery terminals have dirt or corrosion, this impacts battery performance. This is why they should be cleaned regularly.  

Schedule Acura Service near Portsmouth, VA Today

In order to be able to rely on your battery through the summer and beyond, make an appointment in our Hall Acura service center. Our professional technicians will let you know what kind of condition it’s in and how to improve its longevity. We also consistently offer Acura service coupons!

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