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When you shop for your next luxury car, you may think you have to buy new if you want to get quality and reliability. However, you can find quality vehicles in our lineup of pre-owned Acura cars for sale at Hall Acura Virginia Beach. Head over to our Acura dealership near Norfolk today to find the right pre-owned luxury car to call your own!

Reasons to Choose Pre-Owned 

Drivers are often hesitant to choose pre-owned when they look for their next luxury car. However, there are plenty of reasons why going with a pre-owned Acura is a great idea. Beyond the simple fact that pre-owned vehicles are less expensive, you are also getting a truer value for what you pay. New cars depreciate quickly as soon as they leave the lot simply by having an owner. When you choose a pre-owned model, you avoid this rapid depreciation and instead, your car depreciates at a steadier pace. This means you will get a better return if you ever decide to sell or trade later on. 

Certified Pre-Owned 

Another benefit of shopping our selection of pre-owned Acura cars is that you get access to our stock of certified pre-owned Acura (CPO) models. Certified pre-owned Acura vehicles earn their status by passing a 182-point inspection to determine the car’s quality and reliability. Certified pre-owned Acura cars also have to be six years old or newer and have fewer than 80,000 miles. Additionally, you will benefit from a 24-month/100,000-mile warranty on top of when the new car warranty expires. You also get a full history report of the car, so there’s no mystery about what the car has been through.

To learn more about our inventory and to take a pre-owned Acura for a test drive, visit our new and pre-owned Acura dealership in Virginia Beach, VA today! 

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